Build a Live-Streaming Playback App for iOS Video

This is an important feature to add while creating a live streaming app for iPhone or Android. It lets users inform about when the stream is going to start. These notifications can also be used as an ad to sell future events. With that being said, what kind of tech stack do you need for your app?

First, you need to execute pod init in your project root directory to create a podfile. See what customers are building with ZEGOCLOUD – The Trusted Real-Time Interaction Platform. As mentioned in the gist, the didClientRoleChanged is the callback for when we have changed the local user role to broadcaster or audience member.

How To Build a Live Streaming App on iOS

This is why having a social media sharing feature in your app is going to help your users reach more viewers. They can share the video after they are done live streaming or post about their streaming session on their account. The social sharing feature can work in various ways, you just have to implement it in your app.

How long will it take to create an engaging streaming app?

The principles of design determine whether your design is going to be a good one or not. And that is why you should be following these six principles of design in your app. Podcasts will be a fine addition to your already fine app. Make sure to integrate more than one way of signing up though. Stream is proudly designed, built and continually enhanced in Boulder, CO, and Amsterdam, NL; with a global remote team. We advise you to follow your heart and stay on top of the most popular trends.

  • You can join on-demand workout sessions and see your performance data live on the screen, syncing with Apple Watch.
  • If you don’t know what features your streaming app should contain, our next section will spell everything out.
  • We are a healthcare IT company and wanted to build a Mobile Application for both Android and IOS using Flutter.
  • The platform offers several features and styles to build a unique, robust mobile phone app.
  • In simpler terms, think of it as an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet.
  • What makes live streaming app development special is the necessity to choose the right streaming engine.
  • Explore how interactive voice and video are transforming business and building community.

Now if you haven’t already, go to and use the Free Trial button at the top. Apple prefers a reverse domain name as part of the bundle identifier. And once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing both your license key and bundle identifier.

2.72 billion people are forecast to watch live or on-demand videos on their mobile devices. You may need to wait 24 hours before you can start your first live stream. No live streaming restrictions within the last 90 days on your channel. Each feature you choose to create must be calculated in terms of the time and effort required to complete it. The cost of developing these features in your app is determined by a variety of factors, such as the engineers’ talents, expertise, and region. With the aim of creating an app, that can not only stream but record and edit video remotely, our client approached us.

Ways To Develop A Live Video Streaming App For iOS And Android

Live streaming videos are being used as marketing tools since they came to being. According to 96% of people, they would rather watch a live video explaining how a product works. After you have completed steps one through five, your live stream app is ready to launch! You’ll need to market your app in a way that sets it apart from competitors and ensure that users have an enjoyable experience after downloading. Then, you’ll need to keep a close eye on performance metrics and the KPIs you’ve set for your app to understand user behavior better and tailor the UX to improve it.

How To Build a Live Streaming App on iOS

Whenever you watch the video in real-time, it helps to record and broadcast media simultaneously. One can build a live streaming app that informed how to create a live streaming app how users play games and talk about different things. The most popular live-streaming apps are YouTube, Livestream, Facebook Live, and Periscope.

Choose Your Content Delivery Network

You should mind that appearance means a lot, and users will judge your streaming service according to their first impression. So you should hire high-skilled UI/UX designers or find an experienced software development company that offers all services on a turnkey basis. You can analyze your competitors’ live streaming apps and what UI and UX they have for now.

How To Build a Live Streaming App on iOS

Video streaming complements social, gaming, telehealth, remote learning, online dating, eCommerce, and virtual events use cases. It is impossible to find a «one-size-fits-all» price for live streaming app because it depends on your requests. Rough estimates state that it takes around 800 hours to build an app for one platform. That means if we take a $50/hour rate the price will be around $40,000. An ideal and quite frequent scenario is utilizing mobile-optimized SDKs to build mobile apps and APIs for everything else. That gives you complete control over the user experience in your streaming app.

Sports Live Streaming

Some inconsistent users may spam the chat with inappropriate content and symbolics. So, to avoid issues that may lead to lawsuits, you have to organize a strict chat moderation. Personal information allows users to monitor streamer’s popularity, find people who follow similar persons, and share the same interests. After getting a positive response and making sure that the project is viable, you have to develop additional features. A project outsourcing will be a perfect option especially if you’re on a budget. This strategy is attractive because of its cost flexibility.

Still, it’s important to diversify—the more revenue streams you integrate into your app, the more profitable it will be. Your live streaming tech stack must include a video streaming protocol, a streaming platform, and a content delivery network . Depending on the features you plan to include in your streaming app, it can become quite an expensive and time-consuming project. This social media app goes beyond activity feeds and posts by incorporating live streaming for users. Brands, influencers, and individuals alike can leverage the platform to share real-time messages with their followers. Live video streaming will be beneficial for famous people who have a large audience.

On the next screen, add general information regarding your app and make sure the language is set to Objective-C. With the app project created, check that the bundle identifier is the same as the one you were emailed when you registered. To connect to our Wowza GoCoder SDK libraries, you’ll need to locate Wowza GoCoder SDK on your Mac and then drag the framework into embedded libraries. One last thing we’ll need to do for set-up is to open viewcontroller.h and make sure there’s an import statement to Wowza GoCoder SDK libraries. You need a mobile development environment like Android Studio or Xcode.

Our analysts calculated the cost of developing must-have features and we packed their calculations into a convenient table. Chatting is an essential feature that is needed to create a live streaming app. With the help of chat, streamers can communicate with their audience. That’s how broadcasters get the feedback, and viewers keep in touch with their beloved influencers. For example, in the process of live streaming Android app development, you can add several signup options via social networks. That’s how users will be able to log in using their account on Facebook or Twitter.

Package and Submit App

To build a live streaming app’s MVP it’s enough to make one registration option. It can be a social login or simple registration with phone number/email address and password. Also, you need to add the password reset feature via email or a text message. Let’s discuss what goes into selecting the most fitting streaming platform powering your app when you make a live video streaming app.

Should You Care Building Another Live Streaming App In The Market?

For example, between April 2019 and April 2020, the live streaming business grew by 99 percent, which is a stunning figure. A few particular industries are seeing a rise in live content demand. For example, the live music event with the highest live viewership was 2019 Coachella, at about 82.9 million live views. Then, there are business events, product launches, religious ceremonies, and many other gatherings that need tomake a video appfor streaming, especially in COVID-19.

It is also available on Vidgo’s Premium Plan for $79.99/month. Add quick access buttons, such as link, location, phone, email, etc., that either forward attendees to another place or share contact information with them. There are some development agencies that charge clients on an hourly basis, while some charge their clients with a fixed rate.

With these apps, the users can watch videos in real time, right as they are being recorded. With the live streaming app, it is easier for vloggers and social media influencers to broadcast videos live. Not only the glamorous events, sports, and concerts, but live streaming apps have also made it easy to broadcast political debates and protests to the mass. And that is why more people today want to know how to make live TV app for android, or live streaming apps so that they can enter the market for streaming video app market.

Livestream apps allow businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to meet the growing demand for live video content. Developers can create mobile live streaming apps using Andromo’s no-code builder within minutes. The platform offers several features and styles to build a unique, robust mobile phone app. Plus, there’s an option of making a side income stream using sponsored content and ad placements.

Adding the features and styles, including the live stream for Android or other desired platforms, is so fast that the app should be ready in minutes. Upload it to the preferred app store and reach the desired audience. How to make live streaming app, you need to know their types. There are a number of free services, like Appypie, available to help you build your streaming app. However, you will have less control over the tech stack, customization, and flexibility of your live stream. Here’s the list of technologies that may be used to make a live streaming app.